Artist Reception February 22nd @ 6pm

Christian Ehrhorn Fine Arts is proud to present “AMAZING STORIES”…. an exhibition of new paintings by Robert Koch.

Please join us in welcoming the artist with a festive reception…all are welcome!

Here is what Robert Koch says about his paintings:
I have always felt the need to show some kind of relationship in my paintings. It was my wife who said, “There is always some kind of interaction in your work.“
My hope is that you not only enjoy what is in front of you but are tempted to ask yourself, “What’s going on here? What are they thinking?“ If a picture makes you smile or a title makes you laugh, I will be extremely happy….

Preserve your child’s favorite art with a customized collage painting!

“Germ Parade” is a painting Christian Ehrhorn composed using drawings created by his 5 year old son

Do you have a collection of your child’s artwork that you just don’t know what to do with? I have 3 sons and a folder bursting with artwork that they created. While I love the organic and fantastic nature of their artwork, I couldn’t possibly frame everything I like….so I decided to harvest bits and pieces of their artwork and compose a single painting.

“September Underwater” was composed from drawings created by my two older boys

Now, I have these one of a kind pieces of artwork that can stay in the family and add a unique touch and storyline to your home. The purity of young creativity can be captured before it dissolves with time! My sons were also put in charge of naming the paintings when they were complete!

I would like to offer parents and grandparents the opportunity to “immortalize” their children’s artwork in the same way. If you are interested in consulting with me about a custom creation for your family, please visit me at the gallery or contact me at (510) 703-7020 or email at